Capital Market Transactions

Planning and implementing a real estate, wind power or M&A transaction is a complex process where thorough knowledge of the local business, financial and tax environment are vital elements of a successful transaction.

Thorough planning

Well before executing the transaction it is vital to start a thorough planning process in order to achieve a good outcome of the planned transaction. It is often almost impossible to rectify any mistakes (at least when affecting the tax position) after implementation of the transaction.

The legal ownership of real estate might be restructured before the transaction which can give both the seller and the purchaser a favorable tax and financial position. It is important to be aware of tax efficient possibilities to restructure the Target Company or Group of companies before the acquisition. We have thorough knowledge and experience of planning both transactions and restructurings.

Efficient execution

Thorough planning ensures an efficient execution of the transaction and makes it easier to draw up the SPA and other documentation. As a result of the planning process, necessary documentation for the transaction e.g. advance rulings, due diligence reports etc. will be readily gathered into a data room for review of parties involved in the transaction process. We have thorough experience from cross border and domestic real estate, wind power and M&A transactions and we have been involved in numerous transactions with an aggregate value in excess of 2 billion euro.

Due diligence and data room services

We carry out financial, tax and commercial due diligence analysis for real estate, wind power and M&A transactions. The due diligence process gives the parties in the transaction thorough and detailed knowledge of issues which can be important when deciding whether to go forward with the transaction and drafting the terms for the SPA.

We can also provide full scale data room service as part of our transaction services

Our transaction services comprise e.g. the following:

  • Financial, tax and structural planning of the transaction
  • Financial analysis of the target
  • Business plan and financial forecasts
  • Information Memorandum and Teaser
  • Project Information Memorandum
  • Marketing of target to international and domestic investors
  • Tender process
  • Due diligence
  • Data room services
  • Assistance in SPA and financial negotiations

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