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Realfinans Oy Ab is an independent advisor in real estate, wind power and M&A transactions. Tax advisory services related to transactions and corporate restructurings are one of our main services.We are an Authorized Finnish Real Estate Broker.  We also provide CFO services for international companies entering the Finnish market.

Transaction Services

Real estate, wind power and M&A transactions always engage substantial amounts of financial interest. Thorough planning and preparations are vital to ensure a positive outcome of the transaction. We have thorough and long term experience from planning and executing cross border as well as domestic transactions. We execute our wind power transactions in close cooperation with Newsec Renewable Services.

Tax Services

Tax planning and applications for advance rulings are necessary elements of good planning for any major real estate or M&A transaction. Any mistake in implementing such a transaction is irreversible and might be very expensive.

Financial Services

We assist you in getting a competitive financing for your real estate, wind power or M&A transaction. We also assist you in sale & lease back as well as real estate leasing transactions.

CFO Services

International organizations entering the Finnish market may need a lot of assistance in different issues were an experienced CFO can be a very helpful and valuable person ensuring the success of your new business in Finland. We have more than 20 years of experience from CFO services especially in the real estate and construction business.

Real Estate brokerage

Through our network you can easily buy, sell or rent a suitable office, homes for your employees etc. 

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